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Community Council - Minute from April ...
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Community Council - Minute from April meeting
Minute of Meeting of the Elie and Royal Burgh of Earlsferry Community Council held within Earlsferry Town Hall at 7.00 pm on Monday, 4th April, 2011 Present: Mrs Rowan; Messrs Bell, Blaney, Meldrum, Ritchie and Sneddon with J Robertson in the chair; Councillors MacGregor and Riches. Apologies: Apologies for absence were intimated from Mrs Stevenson and Councillor Scot-Hayward. Minutes: Minute of meeting of 7th March, 2011 was held as read, approved and signed. Matters arising from the Minutes: (a) Seaholm: The Secretary reported that he had received further representations in this regard from Ms Heather Scott, which, however, had substantially been considered at the meeting and that, in the circumstances, he had advised her that the council was unlikely to re-visit the matter. The council approved this action. (b) Station Buffet Bar: It was noted that the Licensing Board had placed a restriction on the times at which music could be played. (c) Earlsferry High Street: Mr Ritchie reported on a site meeting with Mr Gordon Hughes of Transportation Services who had agreed to consider seven points which could improve the situation. Questions from the Public: On behalf of local householders, Mr Meldrum asked when the footpath improvements at Wadeslea would be completed. Councillor Riches agreed to pursue the matter. Chairman’s Report: (a) Sports Awards: The Chairman advised that he had accepted an invitation to attend the East Fife Sports Council annual awards presentation. (b) Community Councils Forum: The Chairman reported on a meeting of the East Neuk and Landward Joint Community Councils Forum on 31st March at which inter alia it was reported that the application for finance to extend the ENLEN project had been unsuccessful but that alternative sources were being explored; concern was expressed about erosion on parts of the Fife Coastal Path and whether sufficient funds would be available for repairs; and some dissatisfaction had been expressed with regard to street cleaning schedules. It was noted that street cleaning in the village was satisfactory, although the litter bins at the Breakwater needed to be emptied more frequently. The Chairman suggested that Elie should have speed warning signs at the entrances to the village as had been provided in others along the coast. It was noted that the introduction of 20 mph limits had been delayed but that the scheme was still in the programme of works. Councillors’ Reports: Councillor Riches confirmed that action would be taken re the area opposite West House, South Street. Projects: Mr Blaney advised that winter planting was complete, including new tubs at Hyde Park and that a boat had been acquired for floral displays at Links Road, Earlsferry. He further reported on progress with regard to East Links and that a meeting with the Scottish Wildlife Trust had been arranged for 6th April. Secretary’s Report and other correspondence: (a) The Secretary reported receipt of the revised Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in Fife and advised on the principal changes made. (b) A917: It was noted that the section of the A917 between Balchrystie and Upper Largo would be closed between 4th and 21st April for essential repairs. The route of the “Tour of the Kingdom” cycle race to be held on 18th September was also noted. (c) Review on Renewables: There was submitted request for confirmation that the council had no objection to a proposal that local community councils work alongside St Andrews University at Upper Kenly Farm. The council offered no objection. (d) TGIF: There was noted progress report on the planning of and fundraising for the project. (e) Woodside Road: It was noted that householders in Woodside Road had been requested to cut back hedges to the inside edge of the footpath to enable resurfacing to be carried out. (f) Notice Board: Having heard the Secretary, it was remitted to him to have a replacement notice board provided as soon as possible. Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer reported that current bank balances were: TGIF £1686; Floral £384 and General £199; that the annual floral grant and administration grant for 2011/12 would be £500 and £516 respectively. Arising out of discussion of this item, on the casting vote of the Chairman, it was agreed to hold the next meeting on Monday 2nd May in the Sailing Club premises at the Harbour which had been offered free of charge. It was agreed to appoint Mr WAM Smith as Independent Examiner of the annual accounts to April, 2011. Planning Matters: (a) TAYplan: It was agreed that the Chairman and Mr Ritchie should attend a briefing event on TAYplan for Community Councils and Elected Members on Wednesday, 18th April in St Andrews Town Hall. (b) Applications: Applications for planning permission submitted since the last meeting were noted. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.15 pm with a vote of thanks to the Chair
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re: Community Council - Minute from April meeting
It is excellent that these minutes are prepared and available on line and I congratulate the council for their openness. One small suggestion I have, however, is that the formality of addressing participants as Mr. Dr. etc might be better replaced by their fore and surname. I know that this does not appeal to everyone, particularly older people, but I think in a small community such as ours a less formal approach might be appropriate.
Posted By: smithd8
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